Saturday, January 10, 2009


Alison's friend at college, Rachel, lives in Tucson,
AZ. Rachel has two dogs, a teacup Yorkie named Mia and a Lhasa Apso, named Pookie. "R" went home for the month break and for her to bring her dogs home, it would have cost $800+ to have them fly home with her. Terry and I told her that was ridiculous and told her we would watch them for the month. So with our two mini-long haired dauchshounds Link (red) and Roxie (black) we had 4 dogs with a total weight of maybe 50lbs.

These two dogs fit in so well with ours. It's almost like we've been together for their entire lives. Link and Mia play and sleep together. Mia was Santa's helper this year.
Taking a mid-morning snooze with Terry.

Dinner time at Camp "B"

I'm not sure where I'm suppose sleep. I had my bed pre-warmed every night. But at 52, I NEED the "cool spots" during the night!

Don't worry Link and Roxie, I understand Rachel will be going to Italy for 2 months this spring to study painting. I have a feeling your playmates will be back.
Thanks Rachel for letting us take care of your two babies. We had more than a few laughs with them.


  1. sweet they all are together. At this rate you may end up with a cool spot on the tile floor when the whole brood commandeers the bed ;0)

  2. What's up Deb? Any news? I keep checking for more pix. Love you, Sher