Friday, October 16, 2009

I Saw God Smile Today

With all the uncertaintities in our world, unemployment, financial crisis, people forgetting how to be nice, scams, and whatever else anyone can think of, I am sure of one thing. God exists. He smiled at me today.

Not to take anything away from this beautiful phenonomen, and I wanted to share it with Terry when he came home, I took a picture of it. Actually it was a video and blogger won't allow me to upload it, so the above is not my actual photo. Then, needing an explanation of what this was, I sent my video to the local news channel. The meteorologist said this is called a circumzenithal arc and I had a great shot of it.

I always knew rainbows were a symbol for God's Promise, but this puts a whole new spin on it.


Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm Back!!!

I had been off blogging for so long I could not remember my password. How I remembered today is beyond me.

To update on the unemployment situation. I had a couple of interviews (2 to be exact). One was my former employer calling me back. I knew the people, they knew me and it was a job in my former department. I was told I was 1 of 3 people being called back for a position vacated by someone who retired. The interview went great. I left feeling pretty good. 7 days later I got a call stating that I was not a "good fit" (huh???? YOU called me). No one got the job. HUH?

I was hurt and disappointed. I would be able to accept this more graciously if I lost to someone who actually got the job. I felt used. Was it quota for NY Unemployment insurance to call back X number of people? I was so upset I made coq au vin. That'll show 'em.

I also decided I'm in control. I determine my destiny. I can look online for jobs that don't exist like I've been doing for 9 months or do something else. I applied and was accepted to community college in a 2 year program Health Information Technology/Medical Records. This all happened since Labor Day. Less than a month. I'm now applying for financial aid, grants, scholarships. Also, I have to take some placement tests since I don't have SAT's or any college math. My unemployment benefits continue while I'm in a certified training program that has job potential. I start school in January. I had actually been thinking of taking some medical terminology/coding courses long before I was laid off.